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The Port of Oshawa is Durham Region’s gateway to world markets through the St. Lawrence Seaway. Our national deep-sea port has handled over 500 vessels and shipped more than 3 million tonnes of cargo over the past decade. On average, the port handles $23 million worth of cargo annually, from salt and steel products to asphalt and grain.

The Oshawa Harbour Commission was established in 1960 and operated as such until the Oshawa Port Authority was established by Letters Patent issued on January 25th, 2012 pursuant to the Canada Marine Act. The OPA operates the Port of Oshawa and manages the associated harbour lands that are owned by the Crown.

Information about the history of the Oshawa Port Authority and information about its legislative foundation can be found at:

All 18 Canadian Port Authorities are regulated by the Canada Marine Act however there are specific Letters Patent for each Canadian Port Authority; each port is responsible to Parliament through the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.


The Oshawa Port Authority (OPA), which manages and promotes the Port of Oshawa, is a federal agency with a mandate to ensure the port is fully utilized, is economically viable, and generates economic benefits for the city, region, and country. The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of four (4) representatives nominated in consultation with port users, as well as one (1) representative appointed by each of the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the City of Oshawa. Daily port activities and port operations are the responsibility of the President & Chief Executive Officer as well as a management team.

The OPA is a financially self-sufficient federal entity responsible for administering the Port of Oshawa in the city of Oshawa, Ontario. The OPA operates with full commercial discipline, and reinvests net profits generated from port activities into port infrastructure.  The role of the OPA is to facilitate and expand the movement of cargo through the Port of Oshawa; provide good working, safe facilities; marine related services; and technologies that are competitive, safe, and commercially variable and customer oriented.

The mandate of the Oshawa Port Authority is to manage the port related crown lands and operate the Port of Oshawa in a manner that is commercially sound and responsive to current and future port users while remaining financially self-sufficient. Our goal is to support the growth of the local regional and national economy, in a manner that acknowledges the divergent views of a wide variety of stakeholders.

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