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New Rail Spur Will Give Port Competitive Advantage

The Oshawa Port Authority hosted its first Annual General Meeting today, releasing its 2012 audited financial statements that show the OPA is in a strong position to drive economic growth, and attract new business and jobs to Oshawa and Durham Region.

"The Port of Oshawa gives industry a real competitive advantage," said Gary Valcour, Chair of the Oshawa Port Authority. With the completion of the new rail spur this summer, the regional port will be truly intermodal, able to move far more cargo, and respond to the growing demands of current and prospective port customers.”

The 2012 financial statements show that over the past year, the Oshawa Port Authority managed approximately $3.6 million in expenditures on projects including dredging and maintenance, the next steps of the East Wharf Consolidation Project, and the final stages of the $2.9 million rail spur.

“The Port of Oshawa is set to play an even greater role in the local and regional economy,” Valcour added. “We’re providing the governance stability, and rail service that make our regional port ideal for future growth and expansion.”

A Record Year for Port 

  • In 2012, the Port of Oshawa handled 60 vessels, carrying a record 472 thousand metric tons of bulk cargo, almost twice the tonnage compared to a decade ago; 
  • Each year, the port handles an average of $23 million worth of cargo, from salt and steel products to asphalt and grain;
  • The port generates close to $6 million annually in provincial and provincial taxes to help support the national and regional economy.


About the Oshawa Port Authority

The OPA is Canada’s newest Port Authority and is one of eighteen Port Authorities across Canada. It was established by Letters Patent issued on January 25th, 2012 pursuant to the Canada Marine Act. The Oshawa Port Authority operates the Port of Oshawa and manages the associated harbour lands that are owned by the Crown.



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