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Oshawa - Canada’s aging national infrastructure is benefiting from a major injection of federal funding. Over the next ten years, $120 billion has been earmarked for green, transit, and social infrastructure. But what about funding for Canada’s trade infrastructure? With international trade expected to double or even triple by 2020, investing in Canada’s ports should not be an option, but a must.

It’s an issue that will be raised at next month’s Annual General Meeting of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities.
“It takes new investment for ports to attract industry and stay competitive nationally and globally,” said Donna Taylor, ACPA vice-chair and President and CEO of the Oshawa Port Authority. “Both federal and provincial governments should be doing their part to help ports across the country repair aging infrastructure.”
Taylor also believes there’s a need for a strong strategy to support and encourage more Great Lakes-Seaway shipping. Ontario’s Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River make up a significant portion of the 3,700 km marine highway that connects Canada’s commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors to the world. These ports, including the Port of Oshawa, support industry and the economy by moving virtually every commodity imaginable, from grain, steel, asphalt and aggregate to wind turbines. Cargo shipments on the Great Lakes-Seaway system generate $34.6 billion in economic activity and 227,000 jobs in Canada and the U.S.
As trade continues to grow, many ports are making their own large capital investments to expand docks, equipment, facilities and intermodal connections. The Port of Oshawa for example, has expanded its cargo capacity with the completion of a $10 million dock expansion, a new 48,000 square foot warehouse as well as a $4.1 million rail spur and $2.5 million cargo pad.
“There’s a tremendous opportunity to leverage the strengths of our marine highways,” said Gary Valcour, Chair of the Oshawa Port Authority. “The strategic investments made now in trade infrastructure, like our ports, will drive our global competitiveness for the next several decades.”

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