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A report entitled Economic Impacts of Maritime Shipping in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region was published on July 18, 2018. (The report is available at Martin Associates of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was retained to prepare this study by a consortium of U.S. and Canadian Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River stakeholders. Study sponsors include: the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, the American Great Lakes Ports Association, the Chamber of Marine Commerce, the Lake Carriers’ Association, and the Shipping Federation of Canada.

The analysis includes the economic impacts generated by marine cargo activity in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River region, including U.S. domestic commerce, Canadian domestic commerce, bi-national commerce between the two countries, and international traffic moving between the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region and overseas destinations. The impacts are measured for the year 2017 and are presented in terms of total economic impacts at the bi-national regional level, the country level, and the state/provincial level.

This report, Economic Impacts of the Port of Oshawa, isolates the economic impacts created by all cargo and vessel activity at the Port of Oshawa.

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