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Triad Metals, one of the Port of Oshawa’s newest customers is already making its mark. The company is gearing up to hire new workers, and is currently in the race to bring the first international vessel into the port, kicking off this year’s shipping season.

Triad Metals, a wholesale distributor of structural steel products in the U.S, is building its first Canadian warehousing operation on Farewell Avenue. The company will be hiring up to 30 people, with positions ranging from administration to warehousing and sales.

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After several years of building and revitalization, the Port of Oshawa enters into a new phase this year, when that expansion is expected to translate into new port customers.

"The Port of Oshawa is really coming into its own," said Donna Taylor, CEO of the Oshawa Port Authority. "With expansion drawing to completion, the port is in an ideal position to offer industry every advantage."

Over the past several years, the port has been in building mode. It’s made substantial investments in several new projects, including a $2.5 million cargo pad on the east port lands, the East Wharf Consolidation Project that provides additional berth for ships, and a multi-million dollar rail spur, all of which allow the port to handle more cargo.

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From the early days of fish and fur, the Port of Oshawa has been at the centre of trade.  It began as a transfer point for fur traders, who loaded their pelts onto canoes at Oshawa’s harbour. Later, in 1794, Benjamin Wilson laid claim to the abandoned trading post, becoming the first settler to arrive in Oshawa.

By the mid 1800s, the harbour was becoming a vital transportation link that made Oshawa the place to be for industry including tanneries and foundries. As businesses and manufacturing grew around the harbour, Oshawa drew comparisons to England’s industrial city of Manchester, becoming known as the “Manchester of Canada.” By 1930, the auto industry was gaining in popularity. That summer, Oshawa Harbour officially opened with the arrival of the S.S. City of Kingston, as it picked up a cargo of General Motors cars.

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The Port of Oshawa has a lot of celebrate, closing out the year with a significant increase in cargo volumes, and the completion of major projects that are already drawing new industry to the port.

One of the port’s newest customers is Triad Metals International, a wholesale distributor of structural steel products in the U.S, which is currently building its first Canadian warehousing operation on Farewell Avenue.

"With our facility within striking distance of the port, that’s a huge advantage for us," said Jeff Hroncich, Vice-President of Sales Canada for Triad. "The port allows us to serve Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and U.S. far more efficiently."

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The Port of Oshawa in partnership with Oshawa Stevedoring Inc. is pleased to announce that it is expanding its services with the construction of a new multi million-dollar pad on the east port lands.

“The new cargo pad will allow the port to accommodate far more bulk materials,” said Donna Taylor, President and CEO of the Oshawa Port Authority. “The more cargo we can handle, the better we’re able to serve existing customers and attract new ones.”

The potential for new business also brings the opportunity to create additional jobs in the port. The Port of Oshawa supports 294 jobs, and each year generates major economic benefits, including 6 million dollars in provincial and federal taxes.

The port handles an average of $23 million worth of cargo annually from steel and asphalt to grain. Last year, was one of the port’s most successful years. It handled 43 vessels, carrying over 291 thousand metric tonnes of various goods.

The new cargo pad will be built to the highest environmental standards. Construction is scheduled to begin next week, with completion expected by the end of the year.

About the Oshawa Port Authority

The Oshawa Port Authority was established by Letters Patent issued on January 25th, 2012 pursuant to the Canada Marine Act. The Oshawa Port Authority operates the Port of Oshawa and manages the associated harbour lands that are owned by the Crown. Visit:

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The Oshawa Port Authority would like to take this opportunity to welcome Oshawa’s new city council.

“We look forward to working with the new council, and aligning our efforts to support business growth and expand Oshawa’s tax base,” said Gary Valcour, Chair of the Oshawa Port Authority. “As a port city, Oshawa offers companies a huge competitive advantage.”

For starters, Oshawa is one of few cities that can boast an airport, rail lines, a regional deep-sea port and 400-series highways, all within close proximity. The port will be truly intermodal with the completion of the rail spur, expected this year, making the port even more attractive to current and prospective clients.

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What’s the best way of moving twelve, fifteen by eighteen-foot high transformers that weigh in at about 50 metric tonnes apiece? The question came from transport company Precision Specialized Division Inc., and the Port of Oshawa was only too happy to answer.

Companies like Precision know who to call. The Port of Oshawa is frequently called upon to help move oversized shipments, including steel. This shipment was one of the largest.

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In her 37 years at the Port of Oshawa, Donna Taylor, President and CEO of the Oshawa Port Authority, admits she’s never seen anything quite like it.

Last month, the beleaguered M/V Fritz arrived in the Port of Oshawa. Not only was the ship experiencing mechanical troubles, but its captain and 18-member Romanian crew were short on supplies, and forced to ration food and water. They’d been at sea for six months.

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Two weeks after arriving in the Port of Oshawa, and discharging 13-thousand metric tonnes of cargo for port customers, the M/V Fritz and its crew are headed for the Port of Hamilton, where the cargo ship will undergo needed repairs.

“We’re pleased to report a happy ending,” said Donna Taylor, President and CEO of the Oshawa Port Authority. “Several new crew members have arrived from Poland, while others are staying on. They’ve been paid up, and all are in good spirits.”

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The Oshawa Port Authority’s Annual General Meeting earlier this month was a great opportunity to explain its successes over the past year and dispel a few misconceptions.

First, the Oshawa Port Authority is not funded by taxpayer dollars.

“For example, unlike Friends of Second Marsh, which received over $40 thousand in local tax dollars last year alone, the OPA is a financially self-sufficient corporation that does not rely on money from Oshawa ratepayers,” said Donna Taylor, President and CEO of the Oshawa Port Authority. All costs, including salaries and advertising are paid entirely from revenue generated by port activity.”

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